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Trio Involved in Sonwar Incident Arrested: IGP Kashmir

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Friday, February 19, 2021


Srinagar 19 February

Three youth were involved in the shooting incident on 17th February at Krishna Daba in Sonwar area of Srinagar, in which 22 year old Aakash Mehra sustained serious injuries, have been arrested, said IGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar. During a press conference in Srinagar, IGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar said that during the visit of European Delegation, while the forces were focused on taking the visiting delegation to Vivantah Hotel in the evening; three young persons came on a bike and stopped at the Krishna Daba in Sonwar, who carried out the attack. He said, " among the three, two went towards the Krishna Daba counter, spoke to the person and afterwards shot him. He sustained serious injuries." IGP Kashmir added that after opening fire, they immediately fled away on the bike.

"This was a sensitive issue and a challenge to the police officials, since the location (Krishna Daba) gets visitors, tourists in numbers," he said, adding that because the area is usually open even during the strike calls, that's why militants targeted it. He said that afterwards, our officers received information about the youth, who the informer said were involved in the Sonwar incident. We got the CCTV footage, SP Seema analysed it throughout the night and DIG was handling the case, he added. "Once confirmed, we called the parents of two persons involved and even they confirmed their militant activities,'' he said, adding that afterwards the duo called their parents through someone else's phone and gave up their location, which is Pahalgam.

"Srinagar & Anantnag police in coordination, went to the location and arrested the duo," IGP said, adding that they were interrogated on spot and gave up the information about the third person involved. He further said that all the three involved in the incident were brought to the police station last night. IGP Kashmir said that the trio were further interrogated, during which they accepted their involvement and also the weapon, bike used in commission of the crime was confiscated. "The case is almost solved and furthermore it will be dealt as per the law," Vijay Kumar said.