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JKLF chairman M Yasin Malik manages to reach Dalgate, leads a protest March near UN office Arrested along with many others. JKNO

JK News Observer
Friday, July 21, 2017


Srinagar// 21st July 2017

Ailing chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik was today arrested by police along with many others at Buchwara Dalgate Srinagar when he was leading a protest march towards United Nations Office. Among those arrested along with Yasin Malik included JKLF vice chairman Mushtaq Ajmal, senior leader Zahoor Ahmad Butt, zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, and senior members Ghulam Muhammad Dar, Imtiyaz Ahmad Ganaie, Fayaz Ahmad Lone, Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah and Basharat Ahmad. A civilian passerby Ghulam Sarwar Wani from Dalgate was also arrested by the police. JKLF senior member Muhammad Ishaaq Malik was also detained by police in Kokernagh early today. To lead today’s protest program, JKLF chairman had gone into hiding as police yesterday raided the JKLF office also to arrest him. Imposition of stringent curfew, barricades, and Razor wire placed on every road leading towards Lal chowk, UN office and virtually sealing the whole areas failed to deter Yasin Sahib and others who managed to reach Buchwara Dalgate despite these harsh measures. Yasin Sahib addressed people at Jamia Masjid Buchwara and a big gathering at Buchwara Chowk also. Leading large number of people including many passionate mothers and sisters, JKLF chairman started a peaceful march towards UN office but police immediately came into action and blocked the way leading towards UN office.

Participants of the march raised slogans in favor of freedom and martyrs and against killings and arrests and presented a stiff resistance to police and other forces. Using excessive force and hurling abuses on the participants of the protest, police arrested JKLF chairman and others and immediately shifted them to police station. Women of the area in large numbers came out of their houses and chanted slogans in favor of JKLF chairman and protested against this police highhandedness. Prior to his arrest, JKLF chairman while addressing people and media said that he had to go into hiding as state has choked every little space on peaceful programs in Kashmir and immediately any program is announced police comes into action by arresting some and placing other under house arrest. He said that today’s protest strike and sit-in outside UN office Srinagar are actually a mark of protest against the spree of innocent killings in Kashmir. Indian leadership and their Kashmiri stooges have given their forces a free license to kill and this immunity has actually turned them into modern day Hitler’s who only know to kill humans and celebrate death and destruction and are even seen killing people on camera now. He said that today when we are here to appeal to UN and through this august body the international community to save lives of innocent Kashmiris, another Kashmiri Youth Tanveer Ahmad has been murdered in cold blood at Beerwah by Indian army.

JKLF chairman said that it is ironical that no one is raising questions at this killing spree as if Kashmiris are no humans and have no human rights. We are being killed, maimed, blinded, jailed under black laws, tortured and humiliated but no one from human community is bothered. From eighty year old to 8 year old kids and from ailing women leader Mtr. Asiya Andrabi to many other women prisoners, thousands of Kashmiris are being tortured and suppressed in jails and police stations but no human rights body or civil society raises its voice against these arbitrary arrests. JKLF chairman said that India and its occupational forces with the active help and assistance from local pro-India stooges have actually waged a full- fledged war against unarmed people of Kashmir and it is obligatory on the international community especially UN to take cognizance of these gross human rights violations and stop Indian aggression on the people of Kashmir. It is worth to mention that the call for today’s peaceful protest sit-in was given by joint resistance leadership which had called for a protest strike and sit-in outside UN office today to register protest and deep resentment against all killings of Kashmiris, especially the systematic genocide of Kashmiri youth by the occupational forces ,their persecution and illegal detention and against arbitrary curfews , restrictions in the valley, beating and injuring of people, curbs and persecution of leadership to the extent of disallowing them from participating in family funerals by force. Meanwhile a memorandum has also been dispatched to UN secretary general by the joint resistance leadership today.