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Kashmir - The Serious Issue

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Monday, July 2, 2018


'Kashmir' conflict is multifaceted with historical , territorial, strategic , legal , ideological and many other complexities involved. Since its origin in 1947 as an interstate conflict between India and Pakistan , it is not only gradually got intensified , but also assumed an internal dimension which manifested itself in armed militancy and separatism in 1989.With the passage of time the two dimensions have got so intermingled that discussing the one without taking into consideration the other becomes almost impossible. That is the reason that the peace process initiated in 2003 sought to address both the dimensions simultaneously. The Kashmir problem is not only the political issue, indeed it is also humanitarian issue initially. With the growing time the outcomes of this issue can be seen .

There is hardly a day without any bloodshed in Kashmir. The Youth are dying at their early age, in such an age when an individual keeps the concentration or focus only on the goal .The security forces are also victim of the same issue and it is fair enough to condemn the causalities on both the sides for obvious reasons .There is no concept of war, instead of it there should be reconcile approach that India and Pakistan has to keep, while solving this issue. There should be open dialogue with rest of the stakeholders .

Talks should happen when there is conducive atmosphere among these two nations. The political leaders collectively of one the most oldest and prominent mainstream political party of Kashmir that is @Jknc do believe and advocate that internal autonomy to the entire state of J&K is a feasible and permanent solution. The point that we’ve to take note of here is that they are demanding something within the constitution of the India .If there is something which is not allowing prevailing of peace within the two Asian heavyweights namely India and Pakistan , it is none other than this Kashmir problem .

It has two dimensions respectively one is internal and other is external. It is absolutely melancholic and heart rending to see the visuals that we see in the meantime in the Kashmir. Majority of respondents favoured a political solution rather than a military solution for the J&K problem. The respondents from the civil society, all of the three regions Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have different aspirations and problems which can be solved through political means only. They are of the view that for the last so many decades there have been all sorts of troubles in J&K.

This has made the well_being of all the regions which can be resolved through political measures, dialogue process and through economic development of all the regions. The majority of respondents from the security forces also favoured the resolution of J&K problem through political means as political solutions are always permanent in nature and satisfy the wishes of the people. One thing is quite obvious that this problem cannot be solved through rupees and coins. of course! People of Kashmir want development , but before that there should be permanent solution to this issue .At the end of this I would like to convey one thing that is "If we don't act today our future generation will bear heavy burden of our indifferences".